Setting a dangerous precedent for presidential assumption of powers reserved to other branches, President Obama has now made clear his intent to arrogantly defy the overwhelming will of the American people and Congress to unilaterally take an action which effectively rewrites US immigration law to suit his own personal ideology. He has done so not out of compassion as the spin claims, but out of pure political strategy, with the sole long-term objective of obtaining the left-leaning votes necessary to bring down the free market economic system of the United States which he so despises, and replace it with a socialism-driven system where government largely controls the economy and the distribution of income.



LANSING, Mich., Nov. 1, 2014 – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s comments that Republicans have no agenda to improve Detroit:

“Tonight, President Obama demonstrated how out of touch he and Mark Schauer are with the real progress being made in Detroit. For 50 years, we watched as Democrats kicked the can down the road and allowed a culture of corruption to consume our great city. Democrats want to go back to the old status quo when trash wasn’t picked up, lights weren’t working, emergency response times were nearly an hour and Kwame Kilpatrick was Mayor. We finally have a leader in Governor Snyder who stood up and fixed the mess Mark Schauer and his party created. Detroit has a solid plan to continue its resurgence because of Governor Snyder’s leadership – Mark Schauer did nothing. Mark Schauer has no plan for Detroit, no plan for our economy and no plan for our future. Mark Schauer should apologize to the people of Detroit for allowing president Obama to come in and tell such a blatant lie.”



Michigan has always been a little different, politically.

Some would say our state is schizophrenic, but it’s easily one of the more “purple” states in the union, neither dominated by the “blue” Democrat Party of the “red” Republicans.

Our state hasn’t elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate since 1994, and hasn’t supported a GOP presidential candidate since 1988.

But while Democratic politicos have owned those statewide races, Republicans have been voted in as attorney general and secretary of state on a regular basis.



Wayne County’s top newpaper outlets endorses Rick Snyder for another four years, suggesting that Mark Schauer and the Michigan Democrats hold on Southern Eastern corner of Michigan maybe over – at least in the 2014 Michigan gubernatorial race.

Michigan is better off today than it was four years according to the Detroit News, that’s a classic measure of an incumbent executive. And it’s why voters should retain Rick Snyder as governor”.   The Detroit Free Press in their October 26th – Sunday edition, claim it was a close call with their editorial staff, however agreed that Rick Snyder is a better choice for the state.


Top: Rick Snyder (R), Mark Schauer (D) running for governor; bottom: Gary Peters (D) Terri Lynn Land (R) running for U.S. Senate

Top: Rick Snyder (R), Mark Schauer (D) running for governor; bottom: Gary Peters (D) Terri Lynn Land (R) running for U.S. Senate

In this US Senate and Michigan Governor race, Dems can’t win without the Black vote but, do they deserve it?

If there was ever a time that the Michigan Democratic Party needed the Black vote, it is this race to Replace Snyder as governor and the election for Levin’s seat in the US Senate.

Recent polls showed that in the Governor’s race, Mark Schauer has a slight lead and Terry Land is within striking distance of Gary Peters in the US Senate race.



WASHINGTON — Democrats in key races may lose the women voters who have propelled the party to victory in recent elections.

In a trio of swing states — Colorado, New Hampshire and Iowa — Democratic Senate candidates are capturing a narrower margin of female support than in recent elections, while men are solidly backing Republicans. That gender gap appears to favor the GOP as these races tighten in the final stretch of the midterm elections.

In Colorado, the gap is especially stark. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday, the latest public survey in the race, Democratic Sen. Mark Udall has a 9-percentage-point advantage among women, while Republican Rep. Cory Gardner has a 19-percentage-point advantage among men. Gardner leads overall, 47%-41%.


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